There Is No Perfect Sales Pitch

The difference between knowing how to sale and actually selling is huge.

To be salesperson, you have to actually make sales and close deals. In order to do that, you have to have drive and want to be the best salesperson you can be.

When you are not living up to the hype, sales positions can be brutal. In that case you have to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate what going on. The best thing to do is reevaluate your sales pitch. Your 1-3-5 minute sales pitch should cover all your main points and leave time for questions from the person you are speaking with.

A good sales pitch for any salesperson no matter the length is logically explaining how a product provides a solution to a problem.

When expressing something from a logical standpoint in short amount of time, you have to know what the other person would like to know and speak to them accordingly. That means you have get straight to the point and highlight the value that product provides them and to its customers. They way you know if your pitch did that is if the person understood the value of the product and would like to know more. Now that you have their attention, you veer from the pitch and start listening to why they see value. As you hear what they value in the product then you begin to sale them on that.

If nothing else comes from that conversation you at least know what part of your 1-3-5 minute sales pitch engage your audience. Now you can work on explaining that value better and think about follow up points to keep them engaged longer.

And remember, the words of Norman Ralph Augustine, “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent,” so keep working on your sales pitch until your closest deals.

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